Vertical Bend

Categories: Lighting Fixtures
Product Group Lm/ft Watt/ft Max Run
LWT12F3-110 ~ 110 2.4 W 32 ft
LWT12F3-175 ~ 175 4.1 W 26 ft
LWT12F3-280 ~ 280 5.5 W 23 ft
LWT12F3-RGB N/A4.4 W 23 ft


London Wave is an improved Neon Flex replacement using latest LED technology and creates pixelation free light lines, straight or curved. Made from UV stabilized silicone. Mounts to the surface with mounting clips or aluminum extrusion.


  • UL icon
  • RoHS icon
  • LM80 icon
  • CRI >90 icon
  • IP67 icon
Color (CCT) 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, RGB
Efficacy (lm/watt) 80-105 (white)
Beam Angle 180°
Location Indoor / Outdoor
Customization Increment 1.97” (white)