Projects Gallery


Specifier: Alpenglow Lighting Design

Location: Snowmass Village, CO

Private Chicago Client

Specifier: Lighthive

Location: Chicago, IL

Yupix Wynwood

Specifier: Patricio Martin Navarro

Location: Miami, FL

NewMark Residence

Specifier: Atema Architecture

Location: New York, NY

Shades Creek

Specifier: Creature

Location: Birmingham, AL


Canal Lobby

Specifier: Collective

Location: Alexandria, VA



Specifier: Rombald Enginerring

Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Atarashi Sushi

Location: Pittsburg, PA

Kidder Matthews

Specifier: Hollander Design Group

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Aya Healthcare

Specifier: Hollander Design Group

Location: San Diego, CA

Hunt Midwest

Specifier: H2B Architects

Location: Kansas City, MO



Valley View Casino

Specifier: Delawie & ELEN Consulting

Location: San Diego, CA

The Old City Stairway

Specifier: Dollar & Ewers Architecture, Inc.

Location: Knoxville, TN

IMC Chicago

Specifier: LightHive

Location: Chicago, IL


CDW Chicago

Specifier: Partners by Design

Location: Chicago, IL

Fort Collins Alleys

Specifier: Russell Mills Studio

Location: Fort Collins, CO

McGinley Building

Specifier: Casper Electric

Location: Casper Wyoming

XT02 - City of Greeley

Light & Build

Early Bird

Dallas Market Center

Location: Dallas, TX