Vertical Bend

Categories: Lighting Fixtures
Product Code Lm/ft Watt/ft Max Run Length
LLT60F-385 ~ 385 6.4 W 65 ft
LLT60F-Static R/G/B/P/A N/A 6.4 W 65 ft


Liquid Light Top View LLT60F bends in the vertical axis with a minimum radius of 9.8” and has a cross section of 2.36” x 1.18“ (60 x 30 mm). The opal polyurethane guarantees UV stability and is solvent and saltwater resistant. Along with IP68 rating and LM 80 compliance, this product is fully submersible and safe to be used in fountains, yachts, bridges, and marine applications. Provides perfectly uniform light without showing any pixilation. 3 Step McAdam binning and perfect uniformity due to “one bin only” throughout the entire product results in excellent performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. Mounts with clips for curved applications or extrusions for straight runs.


  • ETL icon
  • RoHS icon
  • LM80 icon
  • CRI >90 icon
  • IP68 icon
Color2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, Static R/G/B/P/A, TW, RGB, RGBW
Efficacy ~ 60 (white)
Beam Angle 120°
Location Indoor / Outdoor
Customization Increment 1.97” (white)