Phantom OC

Recessed (Walkover PVC)

Categories: Lighting Fixtures » Ingrade = Phantom
Product Group Lm/ft Watt/ft Max Run
PHOC-100 ~ 100 1.5 W 59 ft
PHOC-180 ~ 180 2.9 W 43 ft
PHOC-250 ~ 250 4.4 W 36 ft
PHOC-400 ~ 400 6.7 W 24 ft
PHOC-Static R/G/B N/A 6.0 W 16 ft
PHOC-TW ~ 100 5.8 W 16 ft
PHOC-RGB N/A 4.4 W 23 ft
PHOC-RGBW N/A 7.0 W 16 ft


Phantom OC is a recessed walk over fixture that consists of the outer solid PVC and the sturdy inner, one piece PMMA extrusion. This fixture can withstand a maximum weight of 30kN and is considered IP67. To be used with the flanges in the ground or above ground, both is possible. It creates uniform light lines and can be used as single fixture or combining several fixtures without shadows to create continuous seamless light lines and makes for an excellent outdoor and indoor ingrade uplight.


  • RoHS icon
  • CRI >90 icon
  • IP67 icon
Color (CCT) 2700K, 3000K, 3200K, 3500K, 4000K, Static R/G/B, TW, RGB, RGBW
Efficacy (lm/watt) ~ 50-65 (White)
Beam Angle 120°
Voltage 24V
Location Indoor / Outdoor
Customization Increment 1.97” (white)