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The JC01 is a flangeless, mud-over recessed extrusion from high quality anodized aluminum. It has a reputation for ease of installation, measuring below 5/8” in depth and is therefore shallow enough to fit under standard dry wall, eliminating the need to notch out studs or create special stud structures.  The installation only requires a slot for the extrusion and mudding in of the extrusion once it is glued or screwed into the slot.  This extrusion can have diffusors up to 19’ 6” length as one piece/roll, creating a seamless look for longer runs.


Material Extruded Aluminum
Color Anodized Silver
Dimension (in) L 78.74” x W 3.27” x H 0.61”
Customization Cut to specified length



– Recessed Flangeless – Transition Wall – Vanity – Retail
– Hallways – Transition Ceiling – Office