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The PH04 is a recessed walk-over fixture that consists of the outer reinforced PVC and sturdy inner, one-piece PMMA extrusion.  PVC will not get corroded with concrete installations. Maintenance is much easier than with conventional ingrade fixtures. PH04 can withstand a maximum weight of 10kN and is considered IP67.  The fixture is 4” high which is the common height  for concrete pouring.  PH04 creates uniform light lines and can be used as single fixture or combining several fixtures without shadows to create continuous seamless light lines and makes for an excellent outdoor and indoor ingrade uplight.


MaterialPVC & PMMA
ColorDark Gray
Dimension (in)L 78.74” x W 3.80” x H 4.0”
CustomizationCut to specified length




  • Recessed Flangeless
  • Transition Wall/Ceiling
  • Hallways
  • Facades
  • Step Light
  • Staircases
  • Outdoor Uplight